What relationships did to me

One thing I’ve learned about people is that the more they get hurt, the more they love. I thought that the things that I have experienced from the past made me more seasoned, more careful and much wiser. I never thought that every time I get hurt, every time I get out of relationships the more I love, the more I give my all to the person I love next. I have gotten used to being the one who loves more than I try so hard to hold on to relationships hoping things will change, hoping things will eventually get better. What I did made it worse, I’m working so hard to hold on to the pain, I try to love even when there’s nothing left that I never noticed that every time I get hurt, a piece of my heart falls and eventually, I fell out of love. When I fell out of love, I end up doing things that are much worse than those that I have received. And now, I’m lonelier than ever because I am dying. Literally and figuratively.


Lady in Red

Life is a box of chocolates thrift clothing store youll never know what you’re gonna get – Forest Gump

There are many days in my life where I just walk aimlessly on the streets thinking about absolutely nothing. I am that girl who will always have that blank daze.

Well, you see those were the times when my feet automatically drops me in front of a thrift store and voila! Got this red off shoulder dress for like, 200 pesos. OMG! Scoooore!

Got this from a thrift store somewhere in Pasay Rotonda. Winner.

Poster girl

So I went to a thrift store one day and found a fantastic sleeveless coat. I paired it with a plaid dress that I also got from the same thrift.

I wore the thrift combo in the office thinking it was another uneventful day that only dressing up will cure. So i was doing the usual, i was working when this friend of mine walked up to me and told me id be in a photoshoot, downstairs, outside.

Well, since fame whore ako sige, go!

Imagine, i got these clothes for less than 500 pesos but these…

…these thrift clothes put me up that wall.

Movie night 2017

So i have this friend who debuted as an assistant director for this film Ilawod. Me and my college bud got free tickets for the movie. Frightening, it was frightening. I never did like scary movies.

I’ve been buying clothes from the thrift since I was 22 and by now, i have already become an expert in mixing and matching clothes that i got from thrift. What i wore was an oversized marks and spencer polo and a skin tone legging i got from a thrift store in Pasay.

150 PHP for the polo and 100 pesos for the leggings.

What i love about this outfit is its very comfortable. The leggings feel like a second skin. I feel like I’m so pretty here hahaha.

Fashion Forward?

What is fashion? I am not a fashion expert, so I can’t tell. What I can say, however, is that it is innate for humans to define things.

I, on the other hand, likes to defy the default. I want to be off the grid like all the time.

I am not a fashion expert nor am I a fashion guru. I am little old me who loves to play dress up because I love clothes – a lot.

I remembered watching a show before and these lines stuck to me until now:

Are you fashion forward or are you a fashion victim?

(Are you fashionable or are you out of style?)

I never did get my answer to that question before but come to think of it; I am none of the above. I have my fashion, and I don’t give a damn if I go on or off style.

I love being unique, and I love being fashionable. But becoming fashionable ain’t cheap – but I am cheap. I hate spending thousands of pesos whenever I buy products from the mall. Even paying 500 pesos gives me a migraine. So I go to thrift stores to get my clothes.

Yeah, I am a cheapskate, sue me.

So, this is me, and my not so standard fashion.

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